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Terms and Conditions


    The Business of Color Locator (The  BOCL) website platform is wholly owned by Dickerson Enterprise LLC (DELLC). Any user of the platform agrees to the conditions, terms and policies of the platform. 

    The website is intended for the following uses:

  1.  Advertisement of authorized Businesses

  2.  Search for/of  Businesses authorized to advertise on The BOCL website and

  3.  The authorized search or usage of events and information published in and by The BOCL website and or its affiliates.

​     The BOCL retains the right to restrict usage of its site, to any party that incorrectly utilizes the site, contrary to the stated and unstated purpose(s) of the The BOCL website. Any user of The BOCL agrees to participate and/or abide by an independent arbitration process, as established by The BOCL or its affiliate(s).


Terms and conditions:

  •      Advertisers (i.e. subscribers) and or users of The BOCL are subject to the policy, terms and conditions established by The BOCL.

  •      Subscribers agree to abide by the terms established by The BOCL or terms that may be established in the future by The BOCL or its affiliates. As of the present, the established cost for Subscribers is USD $65 for two years. There are no further costs associated, or charged by The BOCL for subscription services. The BOCL will not receive or retain any banking information for any subscriber for advertisement services.

  •      Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their two year subscription. Subscribers will be contacted fourteens days in advance of the subscription(s) automatic renewal. if payment(s) details are not accepted, at the time of subscription renewal, subscription access may be terminated. Any renewal from a prior subscriber will begin at the date of the renewal authorized payment. The BOCL, does not make refunds for subscription (advertisement) services.

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